Outstanding client service is about going beyond what is realistically expected of you. It is about surprising, and often delighting customers, turning them into enthusiastic referral sources and lifelong clients who stick with you not only because you do great work at a fair price, but because the value you bring to them goes far beyond just your products.

Client Servicing Skill is an art and not everyone has the knack of being patient enough to handle angry customers. Nature of every individual is different hence one simple law cannot be applicable to all; however the basis of customer servicing is practically the same applies to almost all customers even angry ones. One law in the client service industry is that the customer is not angry with you personally, she or he is upset with the company and the services offered by the company. So do not take any of the customer’s anger too personally.

Here are tips to consider in order to deliver an outstanding customer service;

  1. Pick Up The Phone

Good communication is key to any relationship.  Regularly updating your clients by email is important, but also pick up the phone every now and then, so that you become more than just that distant person behind those electronic updates. By hearing your voice, clients will feel more connected to you and the project. It also shows them that you value them enough to take the time to make a personal call, and it gives you a chance to talk about something other than business.

2. Keep your attitude correct

The first step of client servicing roles and responsibilities is keeping your attitude right with a motive of sending back a happy customer. A nice pleasant face with a smile and a positive attitude is just the right way to greet a customer who walks in or call you. Yes, your smile and your tone also have the ability to make the person over the phone feel comfortable. So the first step here is greeting the customer correctly, be friendly with your clients as they will be comfortable enough to tell you or talk to you about their issues. Most importantly you need to make sure you are attentive and are making sure that your consumer knows you are attentive to his problems. Only if you are attentive enough you can help the customers with a solution. Being attentive is absorbing all the information the client gives you about himself and his issues.

3.   Listen carefully and reciprocate on time by being proactive

Not all of us are good listeners. Good listening is letting the other person finish talking before you start talking. You have to make sure you practice this skill as active and if you are not a good listener you might end up annoying your customers. As you listen, make sure you reciprocate between intervals so that the speaker feels he is being listened to. Also be proactive in solving customer issues. For solving customer issues be it service or products related issue you need to first have complete product knowledge of everything that the organization is selling. Only then will you be able to help the consumer with solutions. In case the resolution is taking a while put in an effort of informing the customer about the delay and let him know you are working on the issue and you will let the customer know about the resolution or the status soon. Keeping the customer informed is equally important as you would not want to annoy an  angry customer even more.

4.  Don’t overload the customer with your shift end

Oh you are done with your shift, you need to rush back yes that’s true; however you are liable to the organization as you have to protect its reputation, you wouldn’t want to spoil the same by giving an incomplete resolution or incorrect resolution to the customer who has just come in. And the customer has come in on time it is not his fault. You wouldn’t want to spoil a loyal customer as he has come to you seeking information or a resolution to his problems. Do not,  let consumers know or feel that your shift is over and you need to go back. Remember a customer interaction with you is his interaction with the organization. You would not want this to affect the organization or the customer. And keep the smile on as you are still in the office and in front of the customer, you do not want to spoil his experience.

5.   Keep the service easy, transparent and courteous to the customers

You do not have to complicate anything for the customer, not all customers will understand your business terminology try to keep your language simple and understandable for your consumers as you do not want to complicate your angry customer anymore. Make sure you explain the policy and procedure of your goods and services to the consumer in advance so that they know how long is it going to take to resolve their issue. Let them know about the timelines and also make sure you keep in touch with the customer and update them about the status of their case. Be courteous to the customer and make sure you do not ask them to calm down or relax as this can anger them even more. Explain to the customer that you understand and give them an assurance that you will take care of the issue at your end.


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